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Williamsburg County Re-entry Project Press Release
Posted Date: 8/6/2014

Williamsburg County will begin conducting the issuing of zone dash passes next month. The passes will be issued to each household in Williamsburg County. The passes will provide you with the authorization to re-enter your area if you have been evacuated due to an emergency event. This is the only way that we can prove that you are allowed to be in that area. This will help us to prevent looting of property while owners have been evacuated. These passes will be good for (4) years after which your pass will be renewed.

If you were to move to another location, we will need you to come to the office to turn your old pass in and be re-issued another pass for your new resident as long as it is in Williamsburg County.

Citizens will be notified via Code Red, which is the county’s telephone notification system or they will need to check the local newspapers for a list of locations where they must pick up the dash pass. We are requesting photo identification, or driver’s license if it has the current address printed.

If you have questions, please call 843-354-9330 or visit us at 2086 Thurgood Marshall Highway.
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The last day for sign-up for this season is August 29th, 2014.
UPDATED TIMES FOR Monday (August 25th) through Friday (August 29th)
Are You Compliant?
August is the kick off month for all residents to have their 911 addresses displayed in plain view for public safety first
respondents to reach you in a timely manner.  You are required to have your house identified by placing the 911 addressing
numbers on the mail boxes and on the house or in the yard.  The numbers must be reflective and a minimum of 3” high.  This
agency will make several attempts, in notices advising of the procedure, after 21 days, if you are not in 911 compliance, you will
be served a warrant from the magistrate’s office and charged $200.00 each day you do not have your address properly posted.
This is for you and your family’s safety and 1st Responders quick response to reach you quickly.
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