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Williamsburg County Emergency Management Division is an agency that is comprised of employees of Emergency Management, Enhanced 911 dispatch and Volunteer Services.
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Are You Compliant?
August is the kick off month for all residents to have their 911 addresses displayed in plain view for public safety first
respondents to reach you in a timely manner.  You are required to have your house identified by placing the 911 addressing
numbers on the mail boxes and on the house or in the yard.  The numbers must be reflective and a minimum of 3” high.  This
agency will make several attempts, in notices advising of the procedure, after 21 days, if you are not in 911 compliance, you will
be served a warrant from the magistrate’s office and charged $200.00 each day you do not have your address properly posted.
This is for you and your family’s safety and 1st Responders quick response to reach you quickly.
Help us Help our First Responders

Dash    Pass
Sign-up has ended for this season, but will return in the Winter months. Keep monitoring this site, or our Facebook or Twitter page for more detail and schedule.
Hurricane Hugo - 25 Years Later
   On September 21st, 25 years ago, a life changing event occured and changed the lives of people all across the state of South Carolina and especially Williamsburg County. HURRICANE HUGO - The costliest storm to hit South Carolina causing over $10 billions dollars of damage through it's path from Puerto Rico to where it made landfall in South Carolina and then North.
    If you lived here in Williamsburg County, you probably were without power for a very long time, since damage to the power grid was enormous. Farmers were devastated when cropped were ruined, vast majority of trees where damaged or completely uprooted causing multi-millions dollars losses to the growers and even school children were out of school for over a week because of damage to school buildings.
  25 Years has passed and anyone old enough to remember the horror of that night will never forget it. Williamsburg County "Civil Defense" (Emergency Management) was nothing like it is today. Modern technology does help in forcasting, but it does take preparation and training to make another occurence like Hugo hopefully not be as tramatic to the citizens of this county and surrounding areas.
  Williamsburg County EMD trains constantly for occurences like this. We train our personnel; we train our emergency services partners; we train citizens who wish to help (CERT) but we also attempt to keep our citizens prepared for any kind of event that may happen. Dash Passes, Code RED and Community Resilience projects are some of the things we have in our arsenal to help keep YOU ready, also.

   25 years since the last major hurricane to hit South Carolina and we still need to prepare as if one will hit soon. Keep informed, stay up to date with changing weather, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to call us @ 843.354.9330 and we will be glad to help make sure you are as prepared as you can be.