Are You Ready?

Types of Disasters

Natural and human-induced diasters have severly affected the United States. South Carolina is prone to many of those types of disasters. Although disasters cannot be prevented, steps can be taken to minimize their negative impact on the citizens of Williamsburg County.

Are you Ready?

Emergency/Non Emergency Telephone Numbers
Emergency Management Office-843-354-9330
Emergency Operation Center (only operatonal during disaster)-843-354-0775, 843-354-0791, 843-354-0795, 843-354-0800, 843-354-0803, 843-354-0804


Williamsburg County Shelters-
Kingstree Middle School- 616 Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy, Kingstree, SC 29556
Kingstree Senior High School-615 Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy, Kingstree, SC 29556
Kingstree -710 Third Avenue, Kingstree, SC 29556
Heminway High School-402 S Main St., Hemingway, SC 29554
C.E. Murray High School-222 C.E. Murray Blvd., Greeleyville, SC 29056
D.P Cooper Charter School-4568 Seaboard Rd., Salters, SC 29560

Williamsburg County Evacuation Routes

evacuation map

89-1 US 52 at US 521 (Greeleyville Crossroads)
89-2 US 52 at SC 375
89-3 US 521 and SC 377
89-4 US 41 at SC 51
89-5 US 261 at S-24
89-6 SC 41 at SC 527
89-7 SC 261 at SC 41
89-8 US 521 at SC 375

Family Disaster Planning